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What the Lone Wolf Needs to Know


40 Lone Wolves
Yesterday, I was at Rieber Hall co-presenting a Career Center outreach event titled, “Discovering Your Dream Job” to about 40 first and second year students. The dormitory lounge we presented in was nicely set up with pizza, root beer floats, and couches arranged in a comfortable movie theater style. Yet from the onset of our presentation, I noticed that the students in the audience seemed somewhat anxious and even afraid of what we were about to present.
I was working through a Powerpoint presentation that my supervisor developed, which included several questions and activities for the audience. At first, nothing seemed to be working-one person would raise their hand if I was lucky, but for the most part I was staring into a sea of blank faces. I wished there was something I could have done while presenting to change the atmosphere of the room. “Discovering Your Dream Job” should be an exciting process after all, right?
Fortunately, in the middle of our presentation, He devoted an entire slide to this quote:
“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.”
- George Shinn
I felt that throughout our two hour presentation, this quote was the single message that truly resonated within the audience. It was a powerful reminder to everyone that our goals were not simply our own, and to reach them, we will need the help of other people.
Coming Together
After displaying this quote, we had students discuss their dream careers with each other in small groups. Despite their varied academic and personal interests, they had a lot in common. Virtually everybody wanted a job that would harness their talents to benefit others. I addressed the group and asked students to share their dream career with the entire audience. It was a pleasant surprise to see five hands shoot up immediately.
Our presentation was no longer about helping individuals discover a ‘dream job’ that they would be satisfied with. All of the students there already knew how to dream-but what they didn’t know, was how to share their dreams with others. Sharing their goals made all the difference, and slowly the collective anxiety of the group was replaced by laughter and enthusiasm.
One Pack
Keeping your personal aspirations to yourself denies your goals the opportunity to be shared and shaped by others. A recently published article in Forbes Magazine also attempts to debunk the myth that it’s all up to you to make your goals happen. While preparation, hard work, and persistence are requisites for success, those factors are heavily influenced by the support you have as well. Support can often make the world of a difference and is observable in many ways. Why does ‘home court advantage’ play such an important factor in sports events? Think of family or close friends who you know are your biggest cheerleaders: What does their support mean to you?
To Herry and me, the support of others is what keeps us writing and working today. The support we have received for Marksmen Academy has blessed us with confidence and hope for our future that we could never have found elsewhere. Thank you to everyone who has provided kind words of encouragement, liked us on facebook, or told friends and family about us. For all that we are given, we will pay everything forward to all the students that we encounter.
And finally, let us know about your dreams and aspirations as well! We really value our readers and if there’s anything we can do to help, we’re there. Feel free to share in the comments section below and subscribe to us too!
All the best,

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